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4. Dezember 2007

StumbleUpon Selling Targeted Traffic for $50 CPM

Many-to-Many: Social link management

Web2.0 List, Web 2.0 Site

  • Web2.0 List, Web 2.0 Site – post by kossatsch

The Work Foundation – iSociety: You Don’t Know Me, but… Social Capital & Social Software

Search for the Ideal Social Bookmarking Service | icekin’s Site N‘ Blog Annotated

LibraryThing | Catalog your books online

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Spurl XBEL support and bookmark synchronization


Dude, Check This Out!

roxomatic on Faves | popular urls to the latest web buzz


Social Bookmark Link Creator : WordPress MovableType Blogger …

Feed Me Links!

toread – an email-based bookmark service

Helpmeweb: Hilfe zu

  • A kind of normative tagging tutorial… – post by kossatsch

Simpy – social bookmarking and personal search engine

NetVouz: Bookmark You

Dear spammers and porn amateurs – Blog

agenturblog: Themenmonat Tagging: 4. Tagging Strategien

  • German article about how to tag. – post by kossatsch

30+ Tools für Social Bookmarks – KoopTech

PR Blogger: Social Bookmarking doch erfolgreich

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Flock Ditches Shadows Bookmarking Service

Wie schnell wächst Mister Wong!?

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ICT in my Classroom » Using Diigo for narrative response Annotated – The Online Bookmark Manager


  • Frassle helps you read and publish weblogs, track bookmarks,
    and find relevant content organized your way. – post by kossatsch

StumbleUpon Annotated

Dr. Web Weblog » Blog-Archiv » Social Bookmark Spam

Brands 2.0? Tool Übersicht (2)

Netvouz blog

Personal knowledge publishing and its uses in research

Social bookmarking tool for bloggers

Taggly – Online Social Bookmarks Manager

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Social Software @ Baden-Württemberg: Das Prinzip des Social Bookmarkings

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It’s the content, not the icons – (37signals)

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Simpy Chichimichi: People-contributed Simpy Bookmarklets

Neobinaries Annotated

  • A web2.0 community powered by users, industry experts, application creators and our team; designed to help you decide the perfect web based application for your wide ranging requirements. – post by kossatsch

Library clips :: clipmarks keeps clippin’ – Social Bookmarking

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Connotea: Community Pages

  • Connotea goes wiki… – post by kossatsch

  • (tags: web2.0 socialbookmarks internet) – post by kossatsch now serving: 1,000,000

  • (tags: socialbookmarks – post by kossatsch


  • Bookmarking for Retail Therapy – post by kossatsch

Mit der Wunschzettel-Funktion Weihnachstwünsche wahr werden lassen

Social Annotation: Seamless Integration of Social Bookmarking, Web Highlighter, Sticky-Note & Clipping Annotated


Mozilla Update: Extensions – Bookmarks Synchronizer

the clipmarks blog: New site is live!! „Über Web 2.0 wird viel Mist geschrieben“

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The New School of Ontologies

Malarkey Software – Software – dead.licious

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer :: Mozilla Addons

Tagground – The social bookmarking mashup.

Browser bookmark management with Topic Maps

User/Submitter for Digg Users and Submitters

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Review of ten popular social bookmarking services

NetJaxer – Web 2.0 on your desktop

  • …put gmail, writely, kiko, meebo and other ajax web applications on your desktop. – post by kossatsch

empulse: Was ist eigentlich Web 2.0?

netbib weblog –’ neue Network-Funktion und die Rolle kleiner Benutzergruppen

de:bug_texte WEB 2.0 Folksonomy by Janko Röttgers

Create Your Own FeedBurner FeedFlare, Furl und Co.: Lesezeichen mit anderen teilen –

Dietrich Ayala | Foxylicious 0.2


netbib weblog – Ist Dreck?

PR Blogger: Kai Tietjen zu Mister Wong Bookmarks | Firefox Add-ons

  • Neue – post by kossatsch

3spots: as color tool • • •

Silkworm Blog: Five Questions With… Otis Gospodnetić

Simpy Chichimichi: Simpy Firefox Extension


ACM Queue – Social Bookmarking in the Enterprise – Social bookmarking tools are taking off on the Web. Do they have a place within the enterprise, too?

WikalongExtension – Wikalong Firefox Extension Tool Übersicht (1)

Social Bookmarking For Enterprise Knowledge Management | Intelligent Agent


Why not add social bookmarking to newspaper websites? – Editors Weblog

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Translators 2.0 | Diigo Group

Redesign of connotea

  • Connotea gets a kind of typeahead. – post by kossatsch

Pasta: text pasting service for

  • Ist es wirklich Adobe? Was wird gelinkt? – post by kossatsch

Link-Sammlung: Menscheln statt googeln – Netzwelt

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Beobachtungen zur Medienkonvergenz – Reality Check im Selbstversuch: Ist Web 2.0 reif für den Massenmarkt?

SEOmoz’s Web 2.0 Awards

Active PHP Bookmarks

Gibeo Network do you have anything to declare?

  • begins to have an official Import feature… – post by kossatsch

Shakk.Us Blog – Mother of all social bookmarking services icons

Capt. Cornelius Contents Weblog: Spurl Annotated

Buggotea, first pass fix – Connotea

CiteULike: Organize your academic papers

mezzoblue – Mooching 2.0

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Getting My Bearings: The best of

  • The best of and it’s „expert“ users – post by kossatsch » 11Qs: Mister Wong

Philipp’s phpBB-Page :: Bookmark Mod 1.1.1i

  • A very rough kind of socialized bookmarks for phpBB. – post by kossatsch